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Mira embodies the Dream Pop sound with her ethereal voice, catchy melodies and style. She incorporates her visual art into her music, by blending them seamlessly into each other, to form a lush wall of sound. She is currently working on her first single

Gilbert Simon

Hailing from Beirut, Lebanese Franco-Armenian artist Gilbert Simon is a writer, composer and music producer as well a cartoonist, a VO artist and actor. Also known for being a semi-finalist on the 8th season of ‘Star Academy’


Phenomy is a melodic thrash metal band who just released their first full length studio album. They've played in "The Persian Rock & Metal Festival" amongst others. Their unique sound blends elements of modern thrash with a melodic twist

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Ostura is a Cinematic Progressive Metal Band that is signed to Universal Music MENA. Their music is characterized by cinematic atmospheres, industrial sounds, symphonic elements & heavy guitars. They recently finished recording with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra for their highly anticipated 3rd studio album

Generation Zee
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Generation Zee is the brainchild of Ziad Saliba, a Lebanese singer songwriter. His sound is a mix of rock, indie and pop, with funky riffs that keep you on your feet


Rawan is an American singer based in LA. Her love for Indie, R&B & Soul has led to collaborations that transcend one genre. Recently, she is exploring her oriental side by merging Arabic instruments into her songs

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