Gilbert Simon

Hailing from Beirut, Lebanese Franco-Armenian artist Gilbert Simon is a writer, composer and music producer as well a cartoonist, a VO artist and actor. Also known for being a semi-finalist on the 8th season of ‘Star Academy’. 

Elie Margi

Singer/Songwriter from Beirut working on his debut EP. 
Influenced by the greats

(Pink Floyd, Mark Knopfler, Alex Turner), Elie's music is about life, love and what lies in-between.
His presence is felt with warm vocals, projecting the energy and emotion that elevates the soul.


Phenomy is a melodic thrash metal band who just released their first full length studio album. They've played in "The Persian Rock & Metal Festival" amongst others. Their unique sound blends elements of modern thrash with a melodic twist.


Rowonderland (Rawan Chaya) is a Lebanese-American singer based in Los Angeles, and travels for both music collaboration and as an environmentalist. Her love for Indie, R&B & Soul has led to collaborations that transcend one genre. Recently, she is exploring her oriental side by merging Arabic instruments into her songs.