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Mark Acar:


I was born in the UK in 1973. I grew up there and went through all my schooling and University between Nottingham and Newcastle upon Tyne, respectively. My relationship with music began in the 80s, an iconic decade for Goth Rock, Pop, Indie, 

New Romantic, Post Punk, to name but a few. I also discovered Motown, Blues and the Rock Classics from the previous decades. These were the seminal years of record shopping, dodgy haircuts and alcohol fueled school parties, where i would play my music by overlapping cassette tapes without a mixer.

The 1990s were great times music wise in the UK, as well as the music scene that brought the Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, Jamiroquai, Prince, Nirvana, Portishead, The Fugees, Ice T and NWA. This decade was the beginning of what later became known as Dance Music. Repetitive beat, Electronic, four to the floor mayhem. I wasted no time getting involved in this fascinating scene; bought my first set of SL 1200s and that was it.

I taught myself how to beat mix and sample and perfected the technique of not sleeping unless hell was freezing over. At this time, my thing was House, Big Beat and Electro, served up in an endless stream of underground house parties. 

The 3 years spent at University in Germany, in the mid 90’s, saw me get involved in the then blossoming Drum & Bass and Trip Hop scenes, playing various seedy venues as a regular to earn my beer and record money.

My music tastes have always been diverse, to say the least, spanning almost every genre imaginable. 

I've always had the firm belief that there are only two types of music: 'good music and shitty music' and this is what helped me to amass an immense collection in various formats, from Vinyl through CDs, Mini Disc, DAT, DCC, all the way to WAVE.

Music was always an utter pleasure for me. It's difficult to pinpoint exactly what aspect of music gets me. I think it's rarely the same thing twice. A hook line, a build, a melody, a killer bass line, a drop or a chugging rhythm. 

I came to Lebanon in 1998 and brought everything I owned at the time with me in 6 cardboard boxes. Basically a massive HiFi, my decks and my records. 

I tried to introduce dance music back then to the people around me, but it was nothing more than an underground eccentricity at the time.

At the turn of the century, l managed a Lebanese hip hop crew, Kita3 B for 3 years until they moved to France. RGB still works as a solo recording artist today. This experience switched me on to hip hop culture; Kita3 B were one of the pioneers of Arabic rap music regionally.

With an eclectic love for rock, funk, blues, jazz, reggae, as well as hip hop and electronic music, I bring a wide variety of flavours and layers to the mix, which can only be acquired from years of music appreciation.  Our aim today, is to share this gift with you.

Jad Kas:


I was born in Beirut just before the end of the Lebanese civil war. 

My family decided to move to a safer haven, a place with infinite possibilities, Canada.

I spent my early years there, listening to a weird mix of music on cassette tapes.

Anything from Patsy Kline, to Ace Of Base to Sam Cooke.

I bought my first recording device in my early teens. 

As I recall it was a Sony mini-cassette recorder. I started recording sounds and music around me, and that was my first encounter with analogue recording.

My formative years in music started with such bands as The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden and The Doors.

As I got older, my taste in music matured (as does everybody’s) and I started experimenting with Classical Music. I discovered my love for the Orchestra and all its elements; how such a large group of sounds can blend and take you on an out of body experience. Such was my first encounter with a Philharmonic Orchestra.

Composers like Franz Liszt, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonin Dvorak have changed my perception on music.


I bought my first drum-kit at age 15, and I still feel the closest bond to drums out of all other instruments. Seeing as I was traveling a lot, the portability of my kit became an issue. So I picked up a Guitar and taught myself how to play.

That opened up a new world of music, the composing side.


I decided to pursue a degree in Sound Engineering/Production at Trebas in Toronto,

and then attended a weeklong life changing seminar with the amazing Andrew Scheps.

I worked in several studios until I decided it was time to do my own thing.

That unique ability of a certain piece of music, that can completely change your mood, even transport you

back in time to the very first time you heard it. 

That still fascinates me till this day.

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